Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why we still love our ex- boyfriend/girlfriend?

Kenapa? Cinta itu sesuatu yang indah.pada setengah orang,sangat mudah jatuh cinta, pada setengahnya tidak.

Cinta itu indah.. it easy to love someone. But it’s really hard to forget the one we love.

Because with the one we love, we go through many things that we not do with our normal friends.
with the one we love, like there was butterfly flying in your stomach. Happy. Or maybe there no words can describe that feeling.

We still keep remember and display the memory with our ex.
keep feeling regret about things happen.

It is ok to feel regret. But don’t let the feeling of regret ties you. This make you have no times to think about new love or even to get out of him/her. Think back why you broke down. Sometimes there was a mistake that one side parties done. Or even sometimes, both parties make mistakes. Normal for human to make mistake. We are not perfect. Then, think which parties lead to the broke up? If is not you, don’t hardly feel regret. It’s not your fault. But if both parties make the decision, you also cannot hardly feel regret.

Did you think, while you regret losing him/her, what he/she does? Loving other guy/girl? Having some fun or anything. Did you think that he/she also feel regret?

Don’t waste too much time to remember something that will give an effect to your life.

You are not a loser if you fail in love!!!
There are no fail and win in love. If there was fail and win in love, it looks like winning the one side heart in competition.

There are no fail and win in love!!
think deeply…
Allah has a right plan in our life.
Sometimes, we need to be hurt in order to make we realize something.
sometimes, we need to think that he/she was not the right one for you.
sometimes, some people will fall in love so many times before he/she found the one. But sometimes, some people just easy to found the right one.

Accept the fact that he/she not the one.
yes you can still love him/her, but not over do it.
open your eyes..
think wisely…


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