Monday, December 28, 2009

He already has someone

Dear diary, yesterday he texted me. He said he wanted to give me chance to build up our relationship again. He said I need to call Sinar fm and talk to the dj, saying I’m sorry for everything I had done and I never want to cheat him. I never cheat him. He said if I don’t want, please forget our relationship. Why? Because he said he already found someone named Ana. He said Ana was a very good girl, came from Felda. He said that girls also being cheated by his boyfriend. So, I let him go diary. As I before, I also never have him after we broke up. When he gave me a chance, I did not grab me. Am I idiot, diary? He said he would be happy if being with Ana. So, I let him go with some hope that he would be happy with the good girl. And I hope that girl did not cheating him.

Mencintai tak bermakna kita harus memiliki.. Maybe I’m not the one for him.
Diary: always pray good things happen to him.


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