Tuesday, December 15, 2009

introduction of my diary...

Hai.. I just started to write in this blog. I decided to name this blog as “Dear Diary”. I don’t have any diary before. My friend said diary is needed in order to write what happen in our life. I like to write, but I don’t like to write what happen to me. My friend said it is important to write about myself and what happen to me every day because as human being, we cannot remember all things that happen in our life. Sometimes we forgot about incidents that make us happy, sometimes we forgot about the date of our family or friends birthday. After thinking all of this and several others thing, I feel that it may be enjoy to write a diary. So, from today onwards, I will write in my diary. I write for me. Not for others. I you feel enjoy reading my writing, thank you. I you don’t enjoy reading my diary, sorry, I cannot satisfy every person. Leave your comment or advice in my diary. Insya-Allah I will give respond as soon as possible.


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