Sunday, January 31, 2010

im not good.u also not good enough.

as the tittle above..i was not good. there nobody perfect. isn't it?every one make do i. and so do you. i can accept your mistake. but why not you?
your know diary, it was very hurt organize trip. people always look down at we are too fool until did not know how to handle trip. come on babe..the trip or event that you and your friends organize also faced problems. but did we look down at you?did we look jijiks at you? did we make ugly face, or jeling at you? we did not do that. you said you want to helped. but what kind of helped did you and your friends give? you think we did not have any feelings?
i hate the fact that i have friends like all of you. why people always think that they are good enough when they have power of membodek?
i hate it!

im...when you at up,look down to the people that work with you.appreciate them.make them fun to work with you.make a good relationship with them. thats what a leader for..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


aku tensionnnnnnnnnnn sgttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, January 16, 2010

ice skating!!

hai diary! sori lama tak tulis..always busy....hehe
tapi harini best giler!!!g main ice skating kt sunway pyramid.t ak upload gmbr kt fb ek..sweet memory!!!tak pnh ak bt camni tau.try something that i afraid.hehehe.berjaya!!!
ak bli beg n kasut.melayang duit..huhuhu.
oklah...nite diary!
Friday, January 8, 2010

it was fun!

Today I feel very interesting. My lecturer told us to bring colour paper, colour pencil, rubber, and scissors to class. She asks us to make a mask for a party. She divided us into four groups. She told us to discuss among group members where the party will be held, the theme and the tagline of our group. So, we decided to go to outer space and we were an alien. Hehe. Funny. We have to decorate our own mask and wear it. After that, we need to talk to everyone in the class about the strength of the mask character as we want the character be in our self. It is really interesting and fun!!! Hehe..She treats us like kinder garden student. I know that I like to attend her class.

Diary..Today was Friday. And tomorrow I have the whole day to rest. Five days a week where I need to wake up early, rushing for the bus and wait until the class were open. Its make me tired. Especially at my leg. Hopefully I can make it more easy..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sakit giler ni...

Hai diary!! Today I have two classes. New lecturer and new fun, I think. Huhu. After the last class ended in 3.00pm ++, I follow my friends to PAS and PKNS. Buy what we needed. A tired day actually. But we have fun together!

Unfortunetly… kaki yang melecet semalam become worst already.melecetnya di bahagian belakang jari tengah. Kulit terkelayak and Nampak isi. Berair sikit. Sakitt… maybe sebab banyak sangat berjalan dan sebab bahagian jari kaki tu dikenakan tekanan yang terlampau banyak, bahagian atas kaki membengkak. Waaaaaaaaa……………. Takutttt…………..harap harap tak la bertambah teruk. Sakit tau.rasa nak nangis masa jalan. Nak buat macam mana ni,diary?????

Monday, January 4, 2010

first day in new sem!!!

Diary, Im feel too tired today. I woke up early this morning although I feel too difficult to sleep last night. I walk out from my home and I see many new students at the bus stop. It means too hard to get inside the bus. So I decided to walk. While walking I enjoyed the view along the street, watched new students character and face. Looks like they all nerd. Of course, new student. Same like me when I was in semester one. Huhu.

I enjoyed meet my beloved classmate and of course, my TGG. Many things we share and talked. So enjoy.

Today I have 3 classes. But the first class in the morning was cancelled because our class are been using by new student for their briefing. After lunch hour, I have two classes. Start learned already. Looks like it difficult subject. Hopefully I can manage to score. Aminn…

My lecturer said, think easy and don’t tension to learn…

Kaki aku sakit la diary… melecet..huhu.. kasut mkn tuan daa…

Two more classes to go tomorrow..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

too tired..

Just arrived in my rent house in shah alam.. long journey to go..

Miss my family in ipoh.. My dad sent me to bus station early morning. I feel so tired. Sakit-sakit badan. Panas badan. Macam nak demam. Td kena hujan. Hopefully I will get well quickly so I can go to class tomorrow. Miss my friends. Afraid to start new semester..

Still remember the bitch that kutuk2 me in my wall post at facebook? She, the one who backup her friend message me. Asking me many things about our faculty. Haha. I feel like I doesn’t want to reply her. But, I not too evil. Haha. I reply and answer everything that she ask. You know diary, she will waiting me at bus stop tomorrow morning! She afraid and forget the way to our faculty. I can just ignore her. But I don’t want. I give help to others. Don’t be too arrogant.

Help others when they need helps. << That’s what my mom and dad always said to me>>

Friday, January 1, 2010

forgive me...

Forgive me…
because appear in your life
I never and don’t want this happen
but as human, I never escape to make mistake…

Forgive me…
because still loving you

Forgive me…
because still keep our memory together in my heart

Forgive me…
because I still cannot forget you..

Forgive me….
for all mistakes that I done to you..