Thursday, December 24, 2009

Love exist isn't it?

Sometimes I feel that no one loves me. Obviously I feel this with my family sometimes. Sometimes I feel like my dad n my mom doesn’t like me. You know why? Because I never get my birthday present, they never make birthday party for me, because I never get what I want. I feel like this since I was in primary school. When my dads bring us to shopping, he never failed to buy what my sis wants. But what I want, it’s very very difficult to get. And sometimes, I have to get it by my own and sometimes I had to forget it. Sometimes I feel I was not belonging here. Not in this family. Fool isn’t it?
But deep inside in my heart, I know I was belonging here, with this simple family. This family full of laughter and sharing sadness. I never ask more than that. Thanks Allah for giving me this family. ^_^
Because of that diary, I promise to be good in whatever I do. I want to make my family happy. I will follow what my dad and mom advice since I was far from them. No matter others said that I was stupid or kolot.
Diary, did you think I stupid or kolot if I don’t want to hang out in night?
I don’t know other opinion. But for me, when my dad said no, it really means to me. I don’t want to disobey what my mom and dad said. I don’t want to regret when bad things happen.
Sorry friends.. you are important to me. But my family is more important than you.


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