Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Diary, I Love Him!

When I was in form 5, I meet one guy. Not meet actually. He sends message to my number. Then we became friend. It was in February 2005. So excited! We get to know each other, became friends but never meet each other. We only contact each other through message and call. After few months, he sends his letter and picture to me. In November 2005, he posts a birthday card and present to me. Dear diary, he gave me a latter of R, for me to put in my necklace. R is symbolic of the beginning of my name his said. He gave me R because he wants me to wear it, near to my heart. He hopes that when I wear it, he will be near to my heart. So sweet right diary? I really appreciate it. One day, R is missing. I feel really sad. But he told me, never mind, he will find something else to replace the R. luckily, I found it. I remember that I cry too much. Hehe.

Diary, in 12 November 2005, we become couple. He caring and sweet. I can feel his love to me. He wants to know everything that I do every day. Sometime he makes me feel tension. Everything must tell. If I hang out with my friend, he will limit the time so that I will go home early. He doesn’t like me hang out with my friend sometimes.


After couple for 4 years, we broke up before we broke up, we always fighting each other. Many things that we did not argue. After broke up, he message me to told things that always make me angry. Don’t know why he do this to me.

Dear diary…
I feel that I need him. I know deep inside my heart, I still hope that he will come back to my life. I love him so much. Many thing that we dream together. We dreams to marry each other. He promise me to bring me spend few days at ship when I get my degree. But now, all dreams just left as a dream.

I hope that he will know what he done. May Allah bless both of us. My love always be with him. Will I found someone that much better than him diary? I hope so. Hopefully he will found one girl that much better than me. Diary, I wish I could told him that I love him so much and I regret that we broke up
. I missed him so much!!!!


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