Wednesday, December 16, 2009

can i??

My activity yesterday is same as before. Watching television, eat, sleep, help my mom cook, play with Shafi, writing something for you diary, listen to my favourite songs and singing. Huhu. At midnight I felt too bored. I message akubencikau. I know him through one social network. We are at same faculty. I like to be friend with him. He said something’s that anyone did not say to me, he gave brilliant opinion towards me although sometimes it hurt me. But I know that he only want to be sincere in our friendship. He said I fat. Not too fat. He also said that I would be prettier and become healthy if I not too fat. I agreed with him and started to diet. But I don’t have enough discipline to do it. But after playing sms with him last night, my desire to get slim arise more. Diary, these are few conversation that we had last night through sms :

AKB: dear, kite diet yer? spy nnt kita blh kurus n sht.

Me: boleh ker? Im cam tak berapa yakin jer.

AKB: kite lakukan bersama2 ye…kite kuruskan bdn same2.kite kne wat jnji..

Me: jnji? Jnji yg mcm mana tu?

AKB: kite bdua kne wat jnji…kne tulis atas kertas.msti patuhi jnji if kite sygkn each other as fren…leh?

Me: im takot lau tak dpt tunaikn..

AKB: klu xsygkn akb, mmg la im xkn tunaikn…

Hmm.. Do you think I can make it diary? I hope so. I want to be slim not because him, but, for me.

Let’s do it together dear!!


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