Wednesday, December 30, 2009

shopping time.

Yesterday I accompany my friends to buy things that she want to bring when she return back to her campus. Both of us want to buy shoes. So, we went to ipoh parade. Many shoes shop there. But there no type of shoes that we like because the designs are weird and the price are too expensive. Because of that, we went to greentown mall. We meet our school teacher. he was our discipline teacher and our prefect teacher. But we just had a little conversation because he was with his family. Luckily, there we found shoes that we like with reasonable price. Although the shoes not too attractive, but the reason I buy it because the design is not weird and like I said before, the price are reasonable. After that we went to tesco to eat. Huhu. At tesco we meet our ex classmate. He was a cashier there. Then we went to our friend house and bring her to meet our classmate at his workshop. Like weird talking to him. And after that we went to our teacher house. It was a wonderful day yesterday. Wonder when we can spend our precious time together..

you know diary, i found many clothes. very nice. and i like it. that clothes was well known as bju kurung moden or jubah moden. i want it so much! but as usual, i cannot get it. i dont bring enough money. but, i i got enough money, i will think very deep wether to buy it or not.huhu. maybe one fine day...


one fine day!


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