Sunday, December 27, 2009


I feel I want to kick something. Huh. Jahatnyer aku. You know diary, I feel so dad and angry. It is about my friend. My friend and I asking her when she was free. I know it is difficult to meet her because she working at shop. We only ask her so that all of us can meet our beloved teacher. After waiting few days, she said she cannot meet us. Too busy and feel “segan” to meet our teacher. Segan because she did not continue study. I told her, no need to feel like that because now she have a good job and have car with her own name.

Actually, I don’t sad because of that. I feel angry and sad because why they make it is too difficult for us to meet them? We never ask them to buy something for us. Only meet! She said I her best friend forever. Is this what BFF for? I always there when she need me. But where was she when I need someone?

Sorry friend, I never forgot everything that you said. You had change. Too much change. I know we can’t ever be like the same before.


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