Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Talking about love…

Actually I do not know when I involve in love. Sometimes I think that I don’t know how love is feeling? But one think that I really sure is that I admire one guy when I was in secondary school. I know slowly about love when I was involved with my friends love story problem. It was when I was in standard5. My friends told me about her problem with her boyfriend. At that time, I gave her advice. Although I never been in love at that time, but I gave her a good advice. May be I got it through my reading. Back to the guy that I admire. Why I admire him? I don’t know why. May be there is no reason to admire someone? Let named the guy as H. H was the first male that speak to me. I still remember what he said and the way he standing to me. Our first short conversation;

H: buatper tu?

Me: sibuk knp?

After I answered, he gave me a very sweet smile that I never see until now and then he walks away from me. Several days later, he was been transfer to other class. I always meet him at school. He gave some hint to know me closer. But may be at that time I was too shy and afraid to male. Besides that I already know that he already have girlfriend. So, I don’t want to interrupt their relationship.

Rumours spread until his girlfriend attack my friend; S. H girlfriend thought that my friend, S loves H. After S explains that she also have boyfriend and only treat H as friend, the problem settle down.

I admire him until I was in form5. Now, I don’t know what my feeling towards him. Sometimes, I missed him so much. I know his home. But I never see him after finish my form5. My friend in form6 gave me his phone number and his picture. I massage him. But he replied so rude. It hurts me and because too angry, I deleted his number. Unfortunately, now I missed him and don’t know why I still missed him. Hopefully his live happy with his families and his girlfriend. I never forgot to pray for your happiness, Insya Allah.


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