Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Morning!! new day has come. For tomorrow, today will be history in memory. Do you know diary, I have a lot of friends? Sure you don’t know right? Here, today, I want to story about my friends.
When I was in kinder garden, I don’t have best friend. But I make some friend with Indian boy and Chinese girl. There was a funny incident happen where I bite the Indian boy arm. Hehe. Just because he hide my colour pencils.
When I enter primary school, I got new friend. They are very kind. We always together when recess time. At primary school I meet my best friend (we still be friend until now). I remember that we always share our food together at the behind of class while doing our duty as prefect. We eat together, play together. And for your information diary, from standard 1 until standard 6, we are at the same class! So sweet. But as usual, in any relationship, the must be arguing and misunderstanding. Same with both of us. But Alhamdulillah, we settle it down. Beside her, I also have other friend.
When I enter secondary school, I meet new friends.. I still remember each one of them. And I hope I still remember each memory with them.
When I enter new school in order to complete my form6, I felt very afraid. I afraid that I could not make friend because my entire friend before this did not continues their study in form6. At the beginning, I too slow to make friend because I too shy to talk with them. Luckily one day, my friend in primary school came into my class. With her, I became friendlier and can make friend with others. We get closed until now. When we were in form 6, we ride motorcycle to go anywhere. We go to Billion in Manjoi with our prefect uniform to but souvenirs for teacher day. These tasks make us tired. But we enjoyed it. I still remember when we were standing in front of prefect room. Suddenly, the door sound like there was people knock it from inside. We know that the door was lock and no one inside the room. Because too scared, we run away like land were not enough. Hehe. Funny right diary? there are too many moment with them that makes me love them. We go through happiness and sadness together. I love you friends. Every holiday I want to spend with you all. But how? We all busy with our routine. Hopefully one fine day will come and we can spend our whole entire day together. I will wait for that one fine day!
I was alone when I enter UiTM. I have to make friend here. I felt so sad when my family leave me there. Luckily I can make friend. But I only meet truly friend when I was in second semester. They really can accept me as the way I am. We are having fun together. And we also gossip together! Hehe. As teenager, right? Now I really have fun with them.
I really have fun with all my friends. I hope I can remember each one of them. I don’t want to lose you, my friend. I love you friends. And of course, I love you too my diary ^_^.


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