Monday, May 3, 2010

if anyone..

If anyone talks to me badly I will stay away and try to be calm
If anyone tells me the truth I will accept and do not ever regret
If anyone hurts my heart I will stay calm and pray
If anyone gives me hope I will hold and do not keep it at bay
If anyone looks down on me I will take it easy and strengthen my heart
If anyone loses their temper I will take a deep breath and be quite
if anyone needs my help I will lend my hand and do the best I care for everyone's feeling and desire.
keep happy even u feel sad..keep steady even u r in trouble..keep smiling even u r angry..keep silent even u hav a lot of problem..keep maco even u r hurt..keep enjoy even u r stress..keep healthy even u r sick..keep laughable even u r in nice to others even u r down 'gaban'ing..finally, treat human kindly even how bad u r..back to Allah, straighthen our path, insyaallah there's a way sorry for disturbing


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