Sunday, January 31, 2010

im not good.u also not good enough.

as the tittle above..i was not good. there nobody perfect. isn't it?every one make do i. and so do you. i can accept your mistake. but why not you?
your know diary, it was very hurt organize trip. people always look down at we are too fool until did not know how to handle trip. come on babe..the trip or event that you and your friends organize also faced problems. but did we look down at you?did we look jijiks at you? did we make ugly face, or jeling at you? we did not do that. you said you want to helped. but what kind of helped did you and your friends give? you think we did not have any feelings?
i hate the fact that i have friends like all of you. why people always think that they are good enough when they have power of membodek?
i hate it!

im...when you at up,look down to the people that work with you.appreciate them.make them fun to work with you.make a good relationship with them. thats what a leader for..


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