Monday, February 22, 2010

dear diary...


Dear beloved diary.. Sorry for ignoring you for a long time.. I missed u so much. Where else can I share my life? Only you.. now.. I will post several entry. Start from my trip to kuantan until today.


It was the trip that I involve as bureaus activities. I know that I not giving much help in organize this trip. Sorry geng.. I try but I know I am not good enough.

It was a fun trip! Although there was so many person critique the organizer but at the end, they also said that they enjoy the trip. We enjoy walking at the beach and play with the wave. I will remember the moments. Sweet moments. I hope we can feel the moments again.

We go there on 3rd until 5th February 2010.

And… on 6th feb, we have team building at FRIM. Nice location. I enjoy the environment there..


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