Sunday, January 3, 2010

too tired..

Just arrived in my rent house in shah alam.. long journey to go..

Miss my family in ipoh.. My dad sent me to bus station early morning. I feel so tired. Sakit-sakit badan. Panas badan. Macam nak demam. Td kena hujan. Hopefully I will get well quickly so I can go to class tomorrow. Miss my friends. Afraid to start new semester..

Still remember the bitch that kutuk2 me in my wall post at facebook? She, the one who backup her friend message me. Asking me many things about our faculty. Haha. I feel like I doesn’t want to reply her. But, I not too evil. Haha. I reply and answer everything that she ask. You know diary, she will waiting me at bus stop tomorrow morning! She afraid and forget the way to our faculty. I can just ignore her. But I don’t want. I give help to others. Don’t be too arrogant.

Help others when they need helps. << That’s what my mom and dad always said to me>>


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