Friday, January 1, 2010

tata 2009

Happy new year!

Hmm.. I forgot to write about my sweetheart, Shafie. 30 December 2009 was the last day that my mom takes care of him. After this, his dad brought him to Kedah to stay with his mom. He will get new mom whose takes care of him. My family and I will remember all the times when he was here. He too cute. We all love him so much. Every times I hear wali band song(tak laku2), menatap matamu (aril), jangan nakal (alif), akim song and lagu kedai kopi, I will remember how he sang the song.

There no one else will call me as kak jim anymore. No one will fight me and fire me as ultraman. Hehe. I gonna miss you pie’. You know diary, although he only 3years old, he know many things and love to asking too much question while watching television. My mom and my sis always teach him to speak in English. It sounds funny when he tries to say something. Hehe.

I still remember when I want to started semester3. Because his mom and dad are working on the day that I supposed to go to see my rent house, we bring him along. He enjoys the journey and did not cry. When we meet our uncle who stays in Batu Caves, we split. My family return home. My dad said that Shafie was panic because I was not in the same car. He keeps asking “mana kak jim?” “kenapa kak jim nek keta orang tu?” “mana diorang nak bawa kak jim?”

Shafie.. I will always love you. I don’t have any brother or younger sister. But I assume you (Mohd Shafie), Darwis(Ahmad Darwis), Amir( Amirul Zharif), Angah(Muhammad Zhafri), Anis(Anis Syahirah), Eira(Nisa Humaira), Ojan (Fauzan Afif), Angah (Fareez Azim) and Along (Fakhrul Syakirin) as my brother and younger sister..
Love you all.. maybe one fine day we will meet again. Hehe..


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