Friday, January 8, 2010

it was fun!

Today I feel very interesting. My lecturer told us to bring colour paper, colour pencil, rubber, and scissors to class. She asks us to make a mask for a party. She divided us into four groups. She told us to discuss among group members where the party will be held, the theme and the tagline of our group. So, we decided to go to outer space and we were an alien. Hehe. Funny. We have to decorate our own mask and wear it. After that, we need to talk to everyone in the class about the strength of the mask character as we want the character be in our self. It is really interesting and fun!!! Hehe..She treats us like kinder garden student. I know that I like to attend her class.

Diary..Today was Friday. And tomorrow I have the whole day to rest. Five days a week where I need to wake up early, rushing for the bus and wait until the class were open. Its make me tired. Especially at my leg. Hopefully I can make it more easy..


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