Monday, January 4, 2010

first day in new sem!!!

Diary, Im feel too tired today. I woke up early this morning although I feel too difficult to sleep last night. I walk out from my home and I see many new students at the bus stop. It means too hard to get inside the bus. So I decided to walk. While walking I enjoyed the view along the street, watched new students character and face. Looks like they all nerd. Of course, new student. Same like me when I was in semester one. Huhu.

I enjoyed meet my beloved classmate and of course, my TGG. Many things we share and talked. So enjoy.

Today I have 3 classes. But the first class in the morning was cancelled because our class are been using by new student for their briefing. After lunch hour, I have two classes. Start learned already. Looks like it difficult subject. Hopefully I can manage to score. Aminn…

My lecturer said, think easy and don’t tension to learn…

Kaki aku sakit la diary… melecet..huhu.. kasut mkn tuan daa…

Two more classes to go tomorrow..


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