Monday, February 22, 2010

asthma attack again..

Midterm break What I do during midterm break? Just stay at home. Eat and sleep. Huhu. My hobby! But, unfortunately I was admit to asthma bay on Monday. hmm.. im tired to take medicine everyday. i felt sad that i cannot be like the normal person. i dont want give any burden to my parents anymore. i dont want them feel worry and sad think about me here. i dont want!!

i cried when i think about my health. i have asthma since i was in kindergarden. and i know that i also have migrain. and lastly, i know that i also have hyperhidrosis. what is hiperhidrosis? i will tell you later.
thinking of this make me worry to face upcoming days..
make me started to cry and feel uncomfortable to face with others.


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