Saturday, January 29, 2011

new concept

Really miss u my dearest blog!! I wish to write everyday to you. But there was many excused to write. Too tired n did not have idea to write to you. But today, I want and really want to write to you. To story many things to you about what happen to my life lately.

As u know, I already changed you name. This time, I think it was a fourth time already. I just don’t want make sure that you’re not well known to some person who makes me feel uncomfortable to write to you.

I also had thought about your new concept. I will write to you as I wrote to someone in my life. Did u understand about it? Haha.. I think it was hard to explain.

I hope my followers rating will increase. But it may be impossible, right? Its okay.. I just want to write because I want to express my feeling, my thought and my secret. So, I think, let begin it today!

Love ya..


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